Tuesday, February 12, 2008

So busy!

I've started catching up on scrapping but have turned digital. Here's is the latest one. Sorry for such a short blog!!

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Bittersweet Milestone

Well this is a bittersweet milestone for me. As of last Thursday I have stopped nursing Lorelei. I'm happy and sad about it. Happy because life has gotten easier and I'm not the only one who is feeding her anyone can now and plus she jut does well on her own anyways. Also because she just started to bite me! OUCH! Sad because that was the last "baby" thing she did. My baby is growing way too fast in my opinion and will be walking soon. I feel good about knowing I did what was best for her for 9 mos. I surpassed my 6 month goal of nursing. When I first started I wanted to quit so bad because it hurt like heck! I'm just glad I stuck it out for her sake. She's been a great baby and she's turning into a great toddler. OK sniff, sniff, the time just flew by! For those of you with new babies, treasure each moment because they certainly are fleeting!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lo's new coat...

Well it's getting to be that time of year when we need to break out the warmer jackets. Well we realized Lo didn't have a jacket to break out so we had to find her just the perfect one! We found this one at Baby Gap and it was just too darn cute! It's chocolate brown on the inside and baby girl pink on the outside with a super cute faux fur rimmed hood (which is removeable). She had so much fun just playing in the coat. We found out while she was playing we accidentally bought the 12-18 M size instead of the 6-12 M size. OOPS, BIG OOPS! OH well she'll grow into it and if she's wearing a sweater underneath it will fit! LOL I thought this pic was too darn cute not to blog about! Enjoy!

Friday, October 12, 2007

My poor Peanut ...

...isn't feeling well today!! She either has a cold or is teething with a super runny nose and some sneezes. She keeps rubbing it all over her face and in her hair, it hasn't been a fun day. To top things off it's nasty, cold and rainy out. We're staying in today. If you think of my poor baby say a little prayer for her cute little nose and her teething.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

My Dear Friend Barb

I lost my dear friend Barb 2 days ago. She was a wonderful woman, my first real friend at our church. I will miss her dearly, she battled congestive heart failure, liver failure and kidney failure. She remained positive till the end. She was too young to die in her 60's. We shared a lot of happy memories together which I didn't realize how much we did until she was gone and all the memories started flooding back. We shared a love for art, animals and poetry. She was fun loving and young at heart which is why I loved her and related to her. She wasn't just a friend she was like family to me. I miss her so much already. I've been a basket case each night when laying in bed, I keep thinking of her and all the things I wish I said to her. I'm honored to be the one to put together her memorial board, funeral card and DVD of photos for the family. She leaves behind her loving husband Brian who is also a wonderful friend and her 4 kids and a bunch of grand kids. Barb I will miss you so much but I know you're dancing around in Heaven with Jesus. I miss you and always will. I miss your big hugs and kisses on the cheek the memory of them will make me smile. Thank you for being such a dear friend to me from the beginning. I love you.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This and That

Blurry but cute!
Well first things first! Little Nutty is now 8 months old!! I can't believe it! She's doing so much, as my mom says, she's 8 mos. going on 2. She literally acts like a toddler in certain things she does. She's growing up way too fast for us parents, we can't keep up! I am enjoying every minute of time with her although I'm sooooo pooped by the end of the day sometimes the middle of the day. She's worth it though! Next item of business :)!

My cute little studio

The next item of biz is my studio is pretty finished! I'm so excited to have my custom bookshelves completed by Dad and J. They look great and are super functional for wonderful organization!!!! Thanks guys! Check it out! I have more photos here.

Well that's it for now, time to go cuddle with my baby.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The cozy bed area

The cozy bed area
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Our new guest suite is finished!! It's such a great space. My inlaws were the first ones to stay in there and it worked pretty well, although my father-in-law still needed the blowup bed in there because it was bigger, he was too tall and the bed was too soft. I think it will work well for normal sized people! LOL Now we just have to work on finishing our office upstairs, that's still a work in progress. I will post pics of that when it's finished.